Virtual Tutor
Virtual Tutor

For queries about the competition

Please email the Budget Speech Competition administrator on :


Only two submissions to a Virtual Tutor by any one student will be accepted.

General Information

The Virtual Tutor will provide guidance as to the above based on how you have completed the first draft of your essay. Please refer to the Resources section of this website for basic advise on essay structure, etc.

A team of Virtual Tutors are available to help you. They will provide support such as:

  • Research methodology
  • How to structure your hypothesis
  • How to articulate a debate
  • How to reference properly
  • General troubleshooting


Please don’t wait until the last minute and ensure that you get your drafts to the Virtual Tutors well before the competition deadline so that you have enough time to submit your final paper before the closing date.

  • You can submit your essay through the Registration portal. Once you have registered on the portal, you will then be able to submit your essay and receive a notification of successful submission.
  • A Virtual Tutor has 10 days to critique and comment on your draft essay, after which it will be returned to you by the Competition Administration Office.
  • In order to ensure a fair process all drafts submitted to the Virtual Tutors are anonymous and no references to the academic institution at which you are registered are included in the correspondence.

Please note

The NEDBANK AND OLD MUTUAL BUDGET SPEECH COMPETITION email address is NOT info@budgetspeech.co.za.
Any emails sent to this address will not be attended to as we have no access to this email address.