Essential Reading
Essential Reading

Essential Reading

Before you start your essay for the 2020 Nedbank and Old Mutual Budget Speech Competition it is recommended that you read some essential documents which include:

2020 Budget Speech Highlights
2020 Budget Speech Transcript

These documents aim to give you a good background on the SA economy. It is also recommended that you access more government papers by visiting the official website of the South African Government, or www.treasury.gov.za or www.parliament.gov.za.

There is more to the internet than “Google”. There are a number of economic journal databases, as well as websites that will provide you with free access to economic journals and working papers that have been published in the past 10 – 15 years.


Should you in any way use information from any articles, please be sure to reference your source in order to avoid plagiarism. For information on correct referencing methodologies please visit

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